Helping plants find their voices.  I use a diy MIDI Sprout to convert biofeedback from plants into digital instrument control data and then design instruments around their own unique rhythm and melodies.  I sometimes play with the plants as they react to touch, sound, light, and the general environment.  I also love just plugging them in and listening to the natural progression of their sound.


On the main page you will find some of my favorite recordings that I have made from my plants using a range of different techniques.

- Single plant real time is a single plant recorded in real time, maybe I am playing with it, maybe not.

- Single plant compressed drones are generated from collecting data over a longer period and compressing that into a short time frame to create fluctuating drones that give some sense of the natural shift in sound over longer periods.

- Quintets real time are recordings of five plants generating sound together in the same time and space.